How did the Buggles get the band name - Chronicles of The Beatles at aribeqz-blogspot-comNew wave and synth pop band that reached top brass status thanks to the catchy chorus of Video Killed the Radio Star.

Two explanations for the choice of band name are circulating. Bassist, guitarist, percussionist and singer Trevor Horne once stated that the Buggles for his part was the most disgusting name he could think of.

In a booklet however, enclosed with remastered cd The Age or Plastic, we read that the band members regularly told themselves and each other that they would never be as successful as the Buggles - by which they meant the Beatles.

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Active: 1977-1981; 2010, GBR
Site: http://www.theartofnoiseonline.com/BUGGLES-DISCOGRAPHY.php

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