Green Jellÿ - Don't touch my Jell-O

It is not a 'y' that is at the end of the name of the comedy rock band Green Jellÿ from Kenmore, New York. It is a Greek y with a diaeresis and we are supposed to pronounce the letter as an 'o', so you get Green Jello.

How did Green Jellÿ get the band name - Vegetable-jello-vintage-boxAnd that is not what it seems to be either, because the joke is not so much in the opposition green-yellow, but in the fact that Green Jell-O is a kind of dessert.

How to describe it? As a quivering, green, transparent and unappetizing-looking substance – let's say gelatin pudding.

The band Green Jellÿ was initially called Green Jello, but the marketing firm behind Jell-O, Kraft Foods, objected. So the band cooked up Green Jellÿ.

Had it been a German band, then Wackelpudding would have been an option as well.

Active: 1981-1995; 2008-present, USA

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