Green River - Co-operative killer

Grunge band from Seattle, Washington that boasts an ephemeral existence, despite a 1993 attempt to revive the group.
How did Green River get the band name - Ulli_Lommel's_Green_River_Killer - film poster

The band is named after the so-called Green River Killer, Gary Leon Ridgway (born 1949), who at the time of the creation of the group was still at large.

Ridgway killed about fifty women who all lived in Washington State - often in the neighborhood of the well over sixty miles long Green River. He usually took their lives by strangulation using a skilled arm hold, but in some cases he also killed with ropes, cords or other unpleasant yet effective means. Then he dumped the corpses in various places in King County.

In 2001 the serial killer was arrested. He co-operated well and for that reason was spared from the death penalty; he is behind bars for life though, without the possibility of appeal.

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Active: 1984-1988, USA

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