Huffamoose - Say no more

Alternative rockers from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who picked up some fame due to their (not authorized by any contract) performance at Woodstock - in 1994, unfortunately.

Meaning of band name Huffamoose - MouthHuffamoose is the Canadian term for what could elegantly be described as DNA swallowing – fellatio or blowjob. As in 'Dude, my girlfriend gave me a huffamoose last night!'

Somewhat fixated on the zone below the belt they are, these Americans, because one of the few albums the band released is entitled I Wanna Be Your Pants.

Also nice to know: a wonderful documentary was made of the rise and fall of Huffamoose: Here Comes Huffamoose.

Something like Spinal Tap, but then even more real.

See also: Spinal Tap

Active: 1991-2001, USA

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