Moke - Obviously not obvious

Dutch indie rock band occasionally also placed in the 'Britpop' group. All the more reason not to confuse this band with a British band of the same name that lasted just five years.

Moke was founded by singer/guitarist Felix Maginn, the true music lover of course knows him of the Amsterdam band Supersub, of which not only Maginn but also Moke drummer Rob Klerkx was part (the other band members of Moke are Phillip Tilli, Eddy Steeneken and Marcin Felis).

How did Moke get the band name - Amsterdam canals - astampaday.blogspot.nlMoke could refer to many different things - a village in India, the Magneto-Optic Kerr effect, a nickname for residents of Hawaii, slang for donkey, an exotic flower or a tropical storm - but many conclude that the real explanation is that the name is a corruption of Mokum, the nickname of Amsterdam and the habitat of Moke.

If that would be correct then the origin of the band name would be Hebrew: Mokum after all is a corruption of Maqom (Hebrew for 'town' or 'place').

But unfortunately (or fortunately): it is not true. Circles in the immediate vicinity of the band swear that Moke is the name of the Irish uncle of Felix Maginn.

A little commonplace? Then we make the case even more opaque by mentioning another supposed explanation, which is that - even though Maginn vehemently denies it - the inspiration for the name Moke was found in the hilarious mockumentary that modeled for another band name: This Is Spinal Tap.

In that film the boss of the roadies (played by Robert Bauer) is called Moke. It is he who puts guitarist Nigel Tufnel back on his feet after he tumbled backward while playing guitar.

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Active: 2005-present, NLD

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