Pretty Boy Floyd

Mix glam with metal and what do you get? Pretty Boy Floyd!

Pretty Boy Floyd from the USA to be sure, from Hollywood, California. Because there also was a Canadian Pretty Boy Floyd (from Vancouver, British Columbia) that - although the band claimed to have the rights to the band name - could do nothing against the Americans who had safely registered their band name as a US trademark.

Where Pretty Boy Floyd got the band name from - American bank robberAnyway, both bands were inspired by the adventures of the American bank robber Charles Arthur 'Pretty Boy' Floyd (1904-1934) who, after first having relieved a significant number of banking institutions of their savings, came to his end miserably, despite his good looks. He was ingloriously shot down by a special police unit.

As the Americans put it so elegantly, 'He remains a familiar figure in American popular culture, sometimes seen as notorious, but at other times viewed as a tragic figure, partly a victim of hard times.'

It is doubtful if all of this fits on his tombstone.

See also: Ugly Kid Joe.

Active: 1987-1991; 1995-1987-1990, USA/CAN

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