To Live and Shave in L.A.

For convenience's sake the name of this noise rock band from Miami Beach, Florida is often shortened to TLaSiLA, although that doesn't make pronunciation much easier either.

The musical collective was founded by Tom Smith, who previously played with Peach of Immortality and Pussy Galore, and Frank 'Rat Bastard' Falestra.

What inspired band name To live and shave in LA - size-mattersTo Live and Shave in L.A. is the title of an erotic film in which Ron 'Powershot' Jeremy, one of America's most famous porn stars, or porn directors, has the main part.

Jeremy (actually Ronald Jeremy Hyatt) is sometimes called the Hedgehog because his back is densely covered with hair. But he owes his celebrity to two more matters.

To start with there are his 'works', supposedly 10 inches long and almost as thick, and in addition there is his capability of autofellatio (such as in the phrase 'the referee brings his flute to his mouth').

Unfortunately Ron does not do that trick anymore since 2003, corpulent as he has become over the years.

But Jeremy isn't weeping over it: according to him, it was - just like the band name - quite a mouthful.

See also: Peach of ImmortalityPussy Galore

Active: 1993-present, USA

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