Tragically Hip, The

One good invention and you cash in. The mother of ex-Monkee Michael Nesmith can confirm: she was the inventor of a product that Americans describe as liquid paper, and that is called Tipp-Ex (or was, does it still exist?).

Where does band name The Tragically Hip come from - michael-nesmith-elephant-partsWith money from his mother Nesmith made Elephant Parts, a video production completed in 1981.

The one-hour show included not only five popular songs of the ex-Monkee (including Rio and Cruisin'), but also a number of sketches.

In one of those sketches poor people who want to be 'hip' at all costs are ridiculed; among others money is raised for these poor creatures to help them get their coveted golden toothpicks.

The title of the sketch was - you guessed it - The Tragically Hip.

A great name for a band, some Canadians from Kingston, Ontario thought.

Their group, performing straight, alternative and blues-like rock, has been using it uncomplainingly for about 30 years already.

Active: 1983-present, CAN



Anonymous said...

That's the story I've always heard too, and probably correct. But I just ran across the phrase "Tragically Hip" in a Martin Mull bit on Fernwood 2Night which aired in 1977. I wonder if Nesmith borrowed the line from the routine. At the 36 second mark:

Anonymous said...

I just listened to a Harry Chapin concert om 1978, he commented on the Tragically Hip....thoise that attended but were too rigid to participate

WorldsWayne said...

I just remember that term from Elvis Costello's song - "Town Cryer".
.. they're so teddy bear tender and tragically hip.."

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