Band from Peoria, Illinois that excels in metal: heavy, nu, groove - you name it. Appreciated by an audience that likes its tunes spicy.

But what a distasteful band name the men have chosen! Because Mudvayne (phonetic transcription of mud vein) refers to the anal alternative to 'normal' sex. In the English definition the mud vein is described as 'an anal cavity used for sexual activity'.

How to explain band name Mudvayne - No guts no gloryThe mud vein is also sometimes referred to as poop chute; as far as we can see no band has that name (yet).

And while we're reflecting on English semantics, why not take this matter a bit further and conclude with a grammatically correct sentence using the expression mud vein: 'Bitch's sloppy box was so big, I had to toss it up her mud vein for some friction.'

Active: 1996-present, USA



Anonymous said...

That IS NOT the most common/widely used definition of the term mud-vein. It is most commonly used to describe a portion of a fish which is to be removed before eating- because it gives the fish a muddy flavor. In shrimps it is literally part of their intestine with digested food in it- in that case a literal poop-chute, but vertebrate fish, it is just a portion of fatty flesh that gets high blood flow (and as such has as brownish red, or muddy color, same muddy/fishy taste).

Unknown said...

With songs like Cultivate and Internal Primates Forever, I'd assumed it was a IV drug reference to Blacktar Heroin or such.

HiphopAnonymous said...

I was told it is referring to an iv drug reference... As in shooting up heroin.

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