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In a scene where sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll reign supreme it is only natural to suspect an association of band names with recreational drugs. That also goes for Crystal Method, an electronic music production duo from Los Angeles that provided compositions for among others television shows, movies, video games and commercials.

How did Crystal Method get the band name - Lillii cartoon - Bild magazineNot a few see a reference in the band name to crystal methamphetamine or crystal meth. In that case the correct reading of the band name will have to be: Crystal Meth OD (where OD, of course, stands for overdose).

Yet the the way the name actually materialized appears to be much more innocent.

The duo initially had to deal without the convenience of a car and was driven to and from the studio in the car of a friend, a certain Crystal. As a result, when the two were making travel arrangements, the phrase 'We'll use the Crystal method' was often heard.

Some sources maintain that both band members were in love with the accomodating Crystal, who refused to give a definitive answer to the question which of the two musicians she preferred. When they informed a friend about their situation, he exclaimed: 'Ah, the Crystal Method!'.

Active: 1993-present, USA

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