Drowning Pool - Distressing

Dallas, Texas based hardrock band.

In an interview, conducted in 2008 during heavy metal and hard rock festival Ozzfest, bassist Stevie Benton confessed how the band name had come about.

How did Drowning Pool get the band name - Jennifer - EurythmicsHis parents were away from home for a while and he stayed behind, so he was free to party. He managed to get his girlfriend in bed for the first time, after having watched a video: Drowning Pool with Paul Newman.
Later, when he needed a name for the band, the movie and the first love-making suddenly came to him. 'The two just kind of fell together'.

Benton apparently is the most chatty member of Drowning Pool, because in that same year, 2008, Associated Press recorded him saying that he found it an honour that the US military used the music of Drowning Pool to torture terrorism suspects.

Active: 1996-present, USA
Site: http://www.drowningpool.com/

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