Juliana Theory, The - Speculation

Greensburg and Latrobe, Pennsylvania produced the members of this American rock quartet. The band started its career at Christian record label Tooth & Nail Records; noteworthy, because it was absolutely not a Christian band.

What does band name Juliana Theory mean - coin julianaSome fans seem to know what the Juliana theory is about, but have sworn mutual secrecy. Or perhaps not: an interview on the site bedofnailz.com refutes the hypothesis that there is a deeper thought or intention behind the band name.

Frontman Brett Detar: 'We used to have an elaborate story that we told, involving sociology students and a huge experiment involving music and people's responses to it, but we got tired of telling the story. [...] It has no meaning at all.'

Active: 1997-2006; 2010, USA
Site: http://www.thejulianatheory.com/

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