Indie rock band from Sheffield, built up around frontman Jarvis Cocker, who never very clearly contradicted rumors that he is a brother or a cousin of Joe Cocker – even though the only thing that relates Jarvis to Joe is that they are both from Sheffield.

How did Pulp get the band name - Arabica coffee beansInitially the band was to be called simply Pulp, after the movie of that name starring Michael Caine -but that was considered to be too short.

When the band found a list in The Financial Times of so-called economic commodities (products sold by many different companies, but interchangeable because of their uniform qualities) they took one of the examples from the list: Arabica coffee. The name was changed a bit (in Arabacus) and then Pulp was blended in, producing the name Arabacus Pulp.

In the end, after many personnel changes, the band name was shortened again to the originally intended Pulp.

And only then the successes came to the band that made music described by some as a cross between ABBA and The Fall.

Active: 1978-2002; 2011, GBR
Site: http://www.pulppeople.com/

See also: ABBAFall



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