Sunn O)))

How did Sunn O))) get the band name - Sunn Coliseum Sound System BrochurePronounced simply as Sun, the name of this band from Seattle, Washington specializing in drone metal, experimental music and noise.

Sunn O))) is a kind of graphical representation of the logo of the famous Sunn amplifiers: that logo consists of the name SUNN, followed by a circle and three 'sun rays' fanning out to the right.

But in several interviews guitarist, composer and producer Stephen O'Malley has stated that Sun O))) is also related to the band Earth, known as a pioneer of drone music. The Sun revolves around the Earth, Stephen is said to have joked.

Add to this the fact that Sun O))) formerly went through life under the name Mars and it is clear: we are dealing here with a cosmic phenomenon.

Active: 1998-present, USA

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