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Wayne Fallbee said...

Just a note,.... if there really were a an actual "music expert" who had something to do this blog, then they would know that rarely, if at all, ANY BAND, no matter how good they are,can 'cover" a song and sound as good as the original! Btw, you never exactly explained how the name Zebra Three came about, or why Troy Hess chose it. That's because you don't know why, so you just filled in a bunch of junk to make the blog look bigger. Now, I'm not discounting your credentials as music critics; Lord knows there's no way to count the numerous professional musicians that have come out of Holland or, that are of Dutch descent; however in your case , or that of the person responsible for the ZEBRA THREE band name origin blog; he/she might better serve by just going back to listening to their radio!!!

Most warmest regards,
Wayne Fallbee
Showay Productions

Unknown said...

Hello Wayne,

Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated! We would love to know why Troy Hess chose Zebra Three. Could you perhaps say something about that? Also we don’t have a link to a Zebra Three site, we did look for it. Do you have one you would like us to add?

The reason we included Zebra Three is the name itself and Troy’s amazing story. Agree with what you say about covers. Great musicians cover Mozart and Beethoven daily, not always successfully. A matter of taste I guess. Our music expert is Menno Evers. He was a band manager in the Netherlands for a while and does much of the research for the blog. He knows more about the music industry than many, but no doubt there are many who know more than he does. Aad Knikman is the author, his house is so full of music books that I often lose my way there. They say they would be happy to go back and listen to the radio, but there are still so many remarkable names to investigate that I can’t allow that! Kindest regards, Niels Grommé, webmaster and translator.

Anonymous said...

Well wayne should be able to give you all the details because he is Troy Hess. Troy like to use the name Wayne Fallbee so he can promote him self on blogs. If you were to go to his Facebook page you will see he has showay as his place of business. There really is no real company. He has a DBA with that name but it is not a operating business. Troy likes to act like he is a big time music icon. Troy is a con artist. Almost everything out of his mouth is a lie. He does not care who he hurts with his lie. He lies about his kids, expire, and sister. As long as his lie makes him look like the good guy. He lives with his little sister and she and his mom support him. He is almost 50 years old and and can not support himself. He work at a 12.00 an hour job. He refuses to get good paying job because it will interfer.with him doing karaoke or little gigs. He is in his Owen world. He lost him wife and kids because he did not care to be a man a support his family so his wife filed for divorce. He chose to lose his family over playing . What a loser.

Troy Hess said...

Lol...just for the record, I have an ex brother in law, who is a very little man, and had a huge crush on me, culminating with him sending me gay porn. Im very much hetorsexual, so since he has been scorned, abd you know what they say about a woman scorned..I think its worst when it's a male! He is writing trash like this about me. And as far as Wayne Fallbee goes...My ex brother in law set up a ficticious Facebook page using this name. He is a very sad, and unfortuately for my sister, has let her make his livin, while he has dabbled in a number of different types of jobs over the years....the reason he wrote in anonymously is that he has no courage, and is a coward, and always trys to hide behind someone else. I find his rederick ironic,coming from a supposide man, who abandoned HIS children when they were 4 & 2 to go pursue a man crush on one of his friends!! Just for the record...I chose Zebra Three because I was a huge fan of Starsky & Hutch as a kid, and since the music was just fun, rock/pop/cover music, it seemed like a perfect name. We played local for about 7 years, in which we opened for sevearl bands including a top 40 band called " Days of the New", when they were at they're peak. But other then that, it was just a band about playing music & having fun!! As far as anything else goes, if you want to know the truth, just ask ME, not some liar who refers to himself as Anonymous!!! My email is showay@aol.com....most sincerely,
Troy Hess

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