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Why are The Beatles called The Beatles? Who are the ten thousand maniacs the band name 10,000 Maniacs refers to? How did Was (Not Was) get its name? And what is the common band name denominator of the groups Texas, Them and They Might Be Giants? What could explain code names such as Q65, M83, SR-71, JJ72 and D-12? And how are Credence Newball and Olympia beer related?

Questions, questions. And answers, answers, because in this light-hearted encyclopedia of band names the stories behind many musical formations are brought into the limelight by Pomuzi.

This blog is written out of genuine interest in music, pop groups and the band naming phenomenon. We strive to explain a few band names every workday and hope to complete the list before the internet runs out of disk space.

Inspiration sources, choices and meanings of band names are described in a mildly satirical style. This enables us to present the information in an amusing, inviting, yet highly instructive way. It also allows us to highlight strengths and weaknesses of human nature laid bare when people are having a go at the Rock 'n' roll Hall of Fame.

We do not intend to harm feelings or reputations of individuals, groups or organizations, except for a few dictators, criminals, religious fanatics and other bad company – in fact all those known for trying to make a critical approach like ours impossible.

Here and there we allow our personal tastes to surface in our articles. Let this by no means divert you from your likes and dislikes or hurt your feelings for anything or anyone. Your taste is as good as ours, probably better.

Due to the nature of popular music and our intent to faithfully record a few facts about it, the use of graphic, suggestive and aggressive language here and there is inevitable. After all, this is about rock ‘n’ roll, from which sex and drugs can not easily be separated. In other words, a line like ABBA’s “Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight” is not rewritten to “I would like to meet a person of the male gender after 12 at night for a cup of tea and a good conversation.”

You are cordially invited to comment on the articles you read here, and to make additions and corrections or object to the way facts are presented. Although we will do our best to monitor comments and remove any that in our view are inappropriate or offensive, we can never be held responsible for the content of comments.

We will not use any personal information of our visitors for any purpose that our visitors do not give us permission for. We do track general visitor data such as visitor numbers, search queries and subjects of interest to improve this site. With our consent third parties may show advertising on this site, possibly tuned by these parties to the interests of the visitors.

(It's) The game of the Name by Aad Knikman book coverFinally, copyrights and information sources. This blog is based on the book “(It’s) the Game of the Name” by Aad Knikman from Weesp in the Netherlands.

Aad is member of the team writing this blog and has given his permission to republish his words. The usual copyright restrictions apply to the texts of this blog: quote from, refer to and please link to this blog as much as you like, as long as you mention the source.

The information on this blog was for the most part found on the internet. As far as we know all information, images, audio and video can be used freely for educational and cultural consciousness purposes. In case we believe copyrights may apply to images, audio and video clips, we link directly to the pages where we found them.

If we missed something in terms of copyrights, please let us know and give us a chance to make corrections before suing us. We are not very rich at all, if we were we would pay someone to take the risk of writing this blog, you can be absolutely sure of that.

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Anonymous said...

I saw your answer to the band BRAINERD, and it is absolutely correct. HOWEVER, there are SEVERAL bands in the world named BRAINERD and the one you described, is NOT the one in the video. In fact it is NOTHING like MY band BRAINERD I started in 2002. Please take down the video right away. Perhaps you should contact the bands and ask them what video they would like you to use. At this time the ORIGINAL BRAINERD that was named by KNIFE does NOT want a video of any kind. Neat idea for a website, but the fact that you are misrepresenting bands might be reason for a lawsuit. Please remove the video from BRAINERD as it is not the CORRECT and the ORIGINAL band. All the other BRAINERDS can expect cease and decist orders shortly. Thank You

Anonymous said...

P.S. - You also state that his name is Matt "The Knife" Porwall, That is incorrect. It's just "Knife." You really need to double check your information. It should read Matt "KNIFE" Porwall.

Anonymous said...


You will notice that we don't have any videos on myspace, we like it that way.

If you want to find videos of THIS brainerd we don't have any, but you can see brainerd playing Turbo Negro songs at BlackAngusKhan1's YouTube channel.

Unknown said...

Hi, thank you very much for your feedback!

We removed the video. Our apologies for putting up the wrong one. I recall we had difficulties finding the right video. The reason is now also explained ;). Also changed The Knife to Knife and the myspace link.

You’re right of course about double checking. We do what we can, but sometimes it’s not easy. We would love to get information first hand from the band. So we really appreciate your comment. But even if we find what seems to be a good, direct source, it’s not always clear what the real story of a band name is. See for example Led Zeppelin and Doobie Brothers.

On the other hand, it also happens that a band gives us their information and we write the article. Wedlock did that. So if there is anything else you would like us to change or add to Brainerd, please let us know. Do you like us to add the Turbonegro Youtube video?

In our view the uncertainties around band names is part of what makes them interesting. Some drama and gossip, but also touching and hilarious stories make it all very human and recognisable. Just like our own mistakes, unfortunately …

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